Welcome to Angry Bees!

Don't just squash bugs, ANNIHILATE them!

BeeShop.png Help the bees protect their honey from incoming hostiles by using the bee launcher to target and destroy them.

Earn Bee Coins by completing levels and browse the Bee Shop for explosive upgrades and new capabilities.

Spend your Bee Coins wisely though, some of those bugs are tough!

Angry Bees features over 40 levels of bug-blasting action along with Game Center and Twitter integration!

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Angry Bees is available for iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.




Check out the Angry Bees promotional video below:


Angry Bees v1.04 has been submitted to the App Store for review. (22nd Feb 2013)
  • Fixed Facebook page link for devices that have Facebook App installed.

Angry Bees v1.03 has been submitted to the App Store for review. (21st Jan 2013)
  • iOS 6 Support.
  • iPhone 5 Widescreen Support.
  • Fixes orientation problems on Game Center screens.

Angry Bees Free is now available on the App Store. (6th Apr 2012)

Angry Bees v1.02 is now available on the App Store. (23rd Mar 2012)
  • New upgrade available in the Bee Shop to invert the Bee Launcher controls.
  • New Twitter integration that allows you to tweet your in-game achievements (iOS 5 devices only).
  • Fixed some minor gameplay problems.

Angry Bees v1.01 is now available on the App Store. (12th Mar 2012)
  • Fixed chapter completion achievements appearing incorrectly.
  • Implemented compatibility fixes for older generation devices.

Angry Bees is now available on the App Store. (3rd Mar 2012)

Angry Bees Free has been submitted to the App Store for review! (29th Feb 2012)

Angry Bees has been submitted to the App Store for review! (26th Feb 2012)


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Bee.png How can I leave feedback about Angry Bees?

Please use the feedback function in the App Store to leave your thoughts and impressions about Angry Bees.

Alternatively, you can email your feedback (good or bad!) directly to: angrybees@tfoster.co.uk.

Bee.png My device keeps crashing when playing Angry Bees, what can I do?

Angry Bees uses a lot of graphical and sound resources to present its gameplay. Even though the game has been tested and qualified on numerous different iOS devices, it is recommended that you reboot your device prior to playing Angry Bees to ensure as much device memory as possible is available for the game while playing.

Bee.png I can't hear any sound when playing Angry Bees, what should I do?

Please check that your device's sound is not muted, or turned down completely.

Please also check the audio options within the game itself. Check that the volume sliders for audio effects and music are not set all the way to the left (which is off).

Bee.png Does Angry Bees use or share my personal information?

Absolutely not!

Angry Bees does not look at, process, or share any of the personal information available on your device.

It does however store information on your device purely for helping the game save your progress as you play.

Bee.png I don't like Angry Bees, can I have a refund?

I'm sorry that you don't like Angry Bees. Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds directly for software purchased through the App Store. You must contact Apple to try and initiate a refund.

In the meantime, please leave feedback for Angry Bees via the method mentioned above and help me to understand why you don't like the game. Hopefully I can use this feedback to improve Angry Bees for yourself and others.